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Analyzing the red fort history, one can find various facts about the monument in a wonderful manner. It was built by the legendary Mughal King called Shahjahan, who was an amazing admirer of the medieval architecture. As per the information about red fort, it is located near the river called Yamuna which is very famous in the history of India. Shahjahanbad was the place where the fort was constructed in an impeccable style. It is a well known fact that people can access the website to know more about red fort history.  There are different perspectives about the red fort in terms of size and specifications.  It is very long and is considered to be 2 kilometers in length which provides it an amazing appearance. People are amazed by the height of the fort because it is said to be more than 100 feet and was built to ward off invaders in an amazing manner. Red fort history has been quite intriguing because it has been witness to crucial events in the past. Different designers were used to build the place and they used a fabulous square grid to achieve the task in a wonderful style. Information about red fort states that Sher Shah, one of the most prominent Afghan Kings constructed a wall near the river Yamuna to provide security from the attackers. During rebellion, the mutineers destroyed many portions of the monument.  It is a well known fact about red fort history that it was severely damaged by the British army men in the 19th century. In the early parts of 20th century renovation work was carried out to restore the lost pride.


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