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The Akshardham Temple is an amazing piece of modern architecture which has captured imagination of people. The Vedic ingredients are imbibed in the temple and transform the surrounding ambience in an impeccable manner.

It is constructed according to the ancient philosophy of vastu Shastra which has become quite popular in modern era.  The temple is quite huge and is considered to be taller than 100 feet.  Apart from above its enormous width supported by different pillars impart an awesome look to the temple in an impeccable style.  More than 200 types of beams are used to provide support to the ceiling. They are heavy ornamented and quite amazing in appearance. Pillars are covered with ornaments are quite popular among the tourists who throng the place from all over the world. A tourist can know more about Akshardham Temple by analyzing the parikrama area which is quite huge and spacious. According to the historical facts, the temple is supported by the statues of more than 140 elephants which are quite magnificent to look at. The temple is accompanied by huge domes, considered to be amazing. They are crucial in enhancing the beauty of the structure to a great extent.

It is a well known fact that there are multiple areas within the temple which provide amazing ambience to the users. Sanskriti Vihar is one of the most important venues that captures trhe imagination of the visitors by it awesome splendor. Apart from the above, there is a huge multiplex theatre inside the complex providing important details about the lord Krishna to the people and his life story.

Akshardham Temple occupies and area of more than 30 acres and is quite famous among large number of devotees. As per the sources, people can enter the premises of the temple for free, but they need to pay fees for using the services in an impeccable manner.  There is an amazing light show for the tourist which is conducted regularly on the premises of the temple. Adults are charged Rs 125 to access various facilities and other places inside the temple. Children are offered discount of Rs 75 to enter the temple. Due to enormous space, it is possible for people to watch the amazing show in huge numbers.  People can use the boat ride to have a glimpse of the awesome complex considered to be a testimony of modern architecture and technology. People can avail the services of more than 140 guides to know more about Akshardham Temple. To ward off intruders, temple authorities have taken special care to deploy security in the complex. They are able to monitor the movements of the visitors by installing cameras to every nook and corner. Large number of people is working in the security which is responsible for protecting the temple from any attack.

The total cost of the Akshardham Temple is about Rs 400 crores and has been a venue for understanding the ancient cultural fabric of India. The architecture is based on the Badrinath shrine which is located near the Himalayas. Konark temple situated in Orissa has a profound influence on the temple which is built in Delhi.  The temple was thrown open to the general public and the ceremony was broadcasted on the television. Tourists and devotees arrive at the place to participate in religious ceremonies.

Inside the temple, once can find the existence of a huge palace which is made from sandstone and also incorporates features of marble stones. The above mentioned material provides it an amazing look. The uniqueness of the structure attracts many people to this place and transforms into a prominent tourist destination. The towering height of the palace makes it into an impregnable structure. More than 7000 people were involved to build the giant mansion in an amazing manner.


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